Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

MakeLab 2016

Hooke Park, Dorset
MakeLAB is a five-day programme that explores new modes of design conception through computer-aided architectural design and fabrication experiments.


This year’s project investigated the potential of using specific site related information to ‘grow’ the design of an architectural structure within the computational and physical environment. The result of an intensive 5-day collaborative design and build process, the 4.5 meter tower is now located in the Hooke Park forest and accessible to visitors. The structure is composed out of local timber and CNC fabricated birch plywood components and offers seating and viewing pods oriented at specific directions of interest around the site, including a view towards the sea from the highest point in the tower.

The growth of the cellular structure is based on the computational analysis of the environment factors such as light and views, resulting in a dynamic orientation and cantilevering volumes. The resulting asymmetrical load patterns are structurally resolved in the widened flanges of each of the cells.



Alejandro García Gadea
Yutao Song
Zachary Mollica
Jeroen van Ameijde

Christelle Ayle
Giulio Dini
Clare ‘Beryl’ Graham
Adrian Kozikowski
Ling Leng
Solon Liosis
Justyna Michalska
Satyam Satyam
Gosia Stanislawek