Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

MakeLab 2013

‘Site to File to Factory to Site’
Inspired by the unprecedented cold weather, the workshop aimed to set up an advanced digital manufacturing process in the protected environment of Hooke park’s workshop space. This allowed us to test not only file-to-factory processes, but also innovative strategies for the deployment on-site of factory produced, customised building elements. To incorporate site specific design data and performance criteria, we established a ‘digital link’ between sensors on-site and the production process in the workshop space. Careful digital monitoring and translation algorithms helped to articulate and grow the architectural structures in vitro while at the same time ensuring their site specificity.

2013-04-06-11-49-17-1024x764 2013-04-07-17-56-27-1024x764

Thomas Grabner
Ursula Frick
Allison Weiler
Yoojin Kim
Brendon Carlin
Jeroen van Ameijde

Balaji Rajasekaran
Ran Chen
Ryan Langer
Jorge Gerini
Dina Dragoshinska
Priji Balakrishnan
Shidi Fu
Yijun Huang
Megan Dorrian
Glen Stellmacher