Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

Taipei 2014

Under the title ‘ExtraFabrica’ this programme of workshops, seminars and a symposium was organised in June/July 2014 by DEZACT in collaboration with Shih Chein University and Tamkang University (Taiwan). The festival aimed to develop and test interactive design and fabrication senarios, to adapt existing constructs to new use and identity, to catalyse socio-cultural activities and to engage behaviour parallax between physical and virtual environments.


Catalyst and Urban Ecologies
The final part acumulated in a defined innovative physical intervention realised through digital fabrication, in combination with two previous phases of context research, programmatic expansion and cross-disciplinary experiments. It involved testing a variety of adaptive performances, site-specific interventions, exploration of feedback and specialised construction with direct collaboration with local specialised design and technology industry.

The studio investigated digital design and fabrication procedures in relation to the condition and context of Asian cities, Taipei in particular. Introducing computational design through using generative, algorithmic, data simulation and parametric design based techniques, design proposals were developed as new systems of mass customised building systems, investigated through both physical and computational methods. Participants used multiple software platforms for modelling, simulation and fabrication, towards multiple, variable and recursive prototypes for a range of urban conditions, driven by scenarios of future incremental, adaptive growth and change. Scaled prototypes were fabricated in the studio and selected designs will be constructed at 1:1 scale based on the building systems developed. Participants had the opportunity to explore advanced fabrication techniques and gain the knowledge of the workflow from design to production. The summer studio was taught by tutors and graduates from the Architectural Association (UK), UCL Bartlett (UK), Cambridge University (UK) and University of Westminster (UK) along with faculty from the host institutes Shih Chein University and Tamkang University (Taiwan).