Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

Shelf Wall 2009

AA Open Week Workshop, February 2009

AA’s Digital Prototyping Lab organized its second ‘Fabrication Intelligence’ workshop in February 2009.
Led by Jeroen van Ameijde and Kristof Crolla, students from all parts of the school participated in an open four day workshop experimenting with digital fabrication processes. Building upon results achieved in previous AA Digital Prototyping Lab workshops and focusing on the construction aspects of component-based systems, this workshop was held in two stages to alllow for design+build phases in the AA’s new Morwell st building and in Hooke Park.

Following the specific brief for the design of a parametric shelf wall for the Digital Prototyping Lab, students worked in teams on proposals for a shelving system which could be produced through CNC cutting technology using plywood, with a maximum material efficiency and a minimum of additional connection materials.

During the final presentations a selection for a winning proposal was made by a jury of invited critics. This proposal was further developed and fabricated with the CNC machine at Hooke Park during an additional four day workshop with participants from all teams.

Stephanie Chaltiel (EmTech)
Kunkun Chen (EmTech)
Xia Su (EmTech)
Utssav Gupta (EmTech)
Ioanna Symeonidou (EmTech)
Monika Choudhary (SED)
Victoria Lytra (SED)
Shuai Feng (EmTech)
Emmanouil Matsis (Dip 02)
Michael Kloihofer (Dip 16)
Claudia White (Dip 16)
Shankar Kothapuram (DRL)
Jheny NIeto Ropero (EmTech)

With special thanks to:
Charles Corry-Wright (AA Hooke Park)
Karleung Wai (AA DPL), Akhil Laddha