Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

Robo-Co(o)ps SEVILLA 2010

Four day visiting workshop at the University of Sevilla, taught by Jeroen van Ameijde in collaboration with Jaime de Miguel and Aretí Nikolopoulou, May 2010.

This workshop introduced participants to methods for creating fabrication-based, open-ended design systems and in particular their capacity to generate emergent structures through the collaborative and agent-based nature of their construction logics. The projects experimented with algorithmic procedures and speculated on the possibilities of robotic construction, enacted through the use of simple scripting, CNC and laser cutting and role play -not only as collaborative modes of production but also to incorporate social performative aspects into the structures directly.

In just four days, workshop participants developed material solutions and computational systems that resulted in life-sized, CNC-fabricated structures situated in public areas in the School of Architecture. Initially working in small teams on scale models and material tests, participants formed larger teams through consecutive rounds of public voting which selected the most intelligent and feasible design solutions proposed. The workshop ended with a public unveiling of the final structures including a reception which not only celebrated but also tested the performative aspects of the winning designs.

Jose Perez de Lama / Manuel Gutierrez de Rueda
Jeroen van Ameijde / Jaime de Miguel /Aretí Nikolopoulou
FabLab Pro:
Juan Carlos Perez / Jose Buzón