Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

Rapid Structures 2011

AA School of Architecture, London, 1-3 November 2011
Short Open Week workshop taught by Brendon Carlin, Maria Paez and Karleung Wai, open to students from all parts of the AA.

‘Rapid Structures’ was a short three-day workshop exploring the use of XBox Kinect 3D scanning devices to inform the design of experimental 1:1 installations, built and exhibited in the AA.

Using the scanning device to incorporate 3D environmental and/or user information to inform digitally generated design models, the project explored a material system that combined the rapid production of building elements using an inventive method of CNC fabrication with a fast-assembly strategy for complex structures at 1:1 scale.

The workshop was hosted by the AA Digital Prototyping Lab / Jeroen van Ameijde and taught by Brendon Carlin, Maria Paez-Gonzalez and Karleung Wai. Participation was free for current students from all parts of the AA.