Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

DLab 2008

AA Summer School, Architectural Association, London, 4-15 August 2008

DLab experiments with digital design tools and rapid prototyping techniques as integrated systems of design development. Taking advantage of the direct access to the AA premises in the heart of the London, the programme combines studio work, public lectures and reviews/discussions. One of the 3 available studios was taught by Jeroen van Ameijde and Kristof Crolla and used Maya modelling combined with MEL-programming as a basis to explore generative design strategies that capitalise on various prototyping technologies. Using a brief focused on the design of catalytic structures in public spaces, each of the student teams explored a range of digital design techniques, modelmaking and prototyping.

DLab Director:
Eugene Han

Unit 1: Jeroen van Ameijde, Kristof Crolla; Unit 2: Chikara Inamura, Arturo Lyon; Unit 3: David Pigram, Ezio Blasetti

Students (Unit 1):
Juan Pablo Alcalde, Graham Baldwin, Zumrad Chase, Afra Farry, Daphna Glaubert, Mohamad Khayat, James McBennett, Nieves Monasterio, Nasos Philippou, Jordi Roses, Joanna Simpson, Stefan Welsner