Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

AAINT6 1112 Group 1 – Wiktor Kidziak, Yu Zheng, Yan Qin

Investigation into folding as a strategy to design and produce lightweight living modules that could be easily transported and stacked into larger housing clusters.

AAINT6 1011 Group 2 – Lara Yegenoglu, Suzan Ucmaklioglu, Vasilis Argyropoulos

Design and fabrication experiments for a tri-axial precast concrete component system that include columns, beams, walls and floors – using a simple adaptable mould. Variable Casting System from MaterialCodes on Vimeo.

AAINT6 1011 Group 3 – Ekatarina Obedkova, Jenny Hill, Hyunwoo Chung

Development of design and fabrication methods for inhabitable spaceframes, using generative design methods and custom CNC device for the marking of spherical nodes.

AAINT6 1011 Group 4 – Andrew Hum, Jazzy Li, Heonwoo Park

Project investigating the use of an adaptable, open framework to host architectural scenarios that can change throughout timeperiods ranging from hours to years.