Generative Processes in Architecture and Urbanism

AAINT6 0910 Group 1 – Erez Levinberg, Anand Naiknavare, Jihyun Heo

Using the new mouldable material ‘ConcreteCanvas’ to create tiled period minimal surfaces and an experimental enclosure at 1:1 scale.

AAINT6 0910 Group 2 – Ariadna Barthe, Harri Williams-Jones, Thomas Holan

Using flexible jump-formwork to cast vertical concrete structures that branch and connect, and change section while climbing.

AAINT6 0910 Group 3 – Wiktor Kidziak, Quiddale O’Sullivan, Golshid Varasteh Kia

Investigation into the use of fabric formwork, creating components of a skeletal structure in Hooke Park and a single, continuous lattice structure at 1:1 scale at the AA Library Terrace.

AAINT6 0910 Group 4 – Kevin Primat, Stavros Papavassiliou, Yu Zheng

Development of a ‘pixelated’, adjustable formwork strategy that allows for the casting of wall structures with variable complex geometries and perforations.